Wiki wiki wiki wow!  There’s so much to know and learn.  I feel like the idea that all this information is on the web to be accessed and edited is scary and exciting all at the same time.  My first attempt at contributing to a Wiki was on Wikipedia.  I created a page for my school, since it did not already have one.  Its basic, but it has the general information on there.  Here’s a pic of what it looks like; you can also check it out here.

I also created my first wikispace, which I think will be a great resource for me as I go through the MAET program and want to work with a group to collaborate.  It is similar to a Google Doc, since your group can edit and share information, but I can see benefits of both.  Especially that a wikispace has the great potential to tool for my students to collaborate on in the future.  Hopefully, its not blocked on our school network (fingers crossed)!!  Here’s a link to my wiki:  https://ferrington.wikispaces.com/

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