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Today, I took a serious look at Google Presenter as an educational tool.  I had seen it before and have even dabbled in Google Docs, but had not used Presenter or even played around with it to see what its capabilities were.  One of the things I immediately noticed is how Presenter functions very much like Microsoft’s PowerPoint.  So much so, that it did not take very long at all to become acquainted with the program.

As a teacher, I could see great possibilities for me to use this to upload and post notes to a shared folder, that way my students could access my presentations.  I also thought of the great potential for Google Presenter to be used when my students are making collaborative presentations, especially for a project I’ve done in the past involving the 1920s.  For history especially, I can see it being used to share information with my classes, or to even to make flash cards as study guides.  There is great potential in being able to use, share and collaborate with a program like this online.

I am hesitant however, since I know that my school has a pretty hefty firewall and usually sites like this are blocked on school computers, which can be frustrating for both my students and me.  I also noticed that Presenter does not have many advanced features, such as slide transitions, animations, or addition of sounds, and had very few themes available to change the look of your presentations.   All in all, I think that the online accessibility of using Presenter has great potential, but I can perceive a couple of roadblocks with implementation…. especially with ensuring student security online.

9/19/2012 01:56:11

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