Web pages and blogs are both an integral part of the online community, however, both have different purposes and uses.  Blogs are a medium from a single point of view, often posted in the Internet by an individual and may even have a specific focus, such as cooking.  Blogs also give the viewer the opportunity to respond to posts and provide additional perspectives, create an online dialog between blogger and viewers. On the other hand web pages are sources that can display information from multiple perspectives and provide information about something to the viewer, a much more stagnant form of information, but equally important in being able to spread information around global.
Its interesting when I began to think about the differences between these two.  I didn't think that blogs had much merit in the classroom, as web pages can provide more reliable sources of information to our students, however, the longer I thought about it, I'm more intrigued about the notion of using blogs in the classroom to create dialog between teachers and students.  What are some ways that blogs have been used successfully in the classroom?  What  restrictions are there?  What benefits are there?  I'm interested to find out more.

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